How Did This Happen? (by Sheldon Jones)

sheldon-jonesThe opening words of the title song on the Old Man album offer the best explanation: “I’m just an old man who started writing songs – I can’t say how or why.” It’s a twisted story that probably began in 1965 when my aunt, Cherry Columbine Jones, gave me my first real guitar – a 1917 Gibson L-3. She also gave me a few lessons to get me started. It was an amazing gift that took me years to fully appreciate. (I still have the Gibson.) A couple of years later, I helped form a garage band called the Court Jesters. My old failing memory tells me we absolutely ruled the high school rock and roll scene in Independence, Missouri. After a couple of years, I sold my electric guitar and amp and bought a sports car. I went to college, got married, had kids and survived as a corporate whore for nearly 40 years.

gibsonIn retirement, I decided to pick up the guitar again and learn more than five chords. I bought a guitar at a local shop and hired the young man that sold it to me to give me lessons. Little did I know that this young man I hired, Chris Julian, was going to provide much more than just lessons. Our relationship turned into a partnership and friendship. Even though he was less than half my age, Chris became a mentor, encourager, teacher of music theory as well as practicality. To everyone’s surprise, I started writing songs. He helped me refine them and urged me to record them. He opened doors to other local musicians. Collectively, I began referring to this group musicians as Loco Lobo. The result is this album.

Loco Lobo is an eclectic group of superb musicians and vocalists I have surrounded myself with to make the songs I’ve written become a reality. They have made this possible and helped an old man fulfill a dream.