Loco Lobo Musicians, Vocalists, and Production Experts

sheldon-jonesSheldon Jones is the “old man” who wrote all the songs on the Old Man album. He also likes to think of himself as THE original Loco Lobo. He played acoustic (and some 12 string) guitar and sang in most of the songs and co-produced the album. The truth is, however, he surrounded himself with professional musicians and vocalists who made this album come to life.

chris-julianChris Julian is responsible for most of the instrumental music you hear on the album. He played all but one of the acoustic, electric, slide and 12 string guitar leads. He also played mandolin and sang lead (duet on Lead Belly’s Irene) and back-up vocals. He arranged all the songs, is co-producer on the album and provided substantial counsel in numerous areas. And on top of all this, he’s a good guy and loyal friend.

sarah-comstockSarah Comstock is a unique vocal talent. She is the lead singer for Found Wandering, the very successful gospel-bluegrass band who has Billboard hits and has appeared more than once on national tv. We were honored to have her sing the duet with Chris on Lead Belly’s Irene and provide back-up vocals to Sheldon on other songs. Sarah is an amazing combination of an off-the-charts talented professional who somehow manages to always put her lovely family first.

lindsay-leeLindsay Lee is a legend on the keyboards. In his youth, his band opened on many occasions for big names including Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. We were fortunate to have him add his genius to the album. His contributions on the organ and piano parts and his back-up vocals gave us all inspiration. He offered great wisdom and his stories kept us intrigued and smiling.

dave-leeDave Lee was crucial in the launch of the project. In addition to providing the initial recording and production, he played the drums on many of the songs and sang back-up vocals. His enthusiasm, musical talent and production skills laid a solid foundation for us to build on as we worked over several months to create the album.

ron-disilvestroRon DiSilvestro played multiple roles on the album. He provided his production expertise in recording many of the songs as well as doing all of the mixing and mastering. He was a key counselor to the producers, musicians, and vocalists and used his keen ear to recommend improvements throughout all of the sessions. And last, but not least, he played drums on Old Man.

robert-schulerRobert Schuler is a young talent whose reputation on the harmonica is growing quickly in the Philadelphia area. The only thing more impressive than hearing him play is watching him on stage. His contribution to Old Man – especially the lead – added undeniable spirit to the song.

jake-larmandJake L’Armand is an intensely talented music professional. Like Sarah, we borrowed Jake from his violinist role in Found Wandering. Jake’s talent expands beyond violin into guitar and other stringed instruments. We were pleased to have him join Loco Lobo with his violin on Old Man, Lead Belly’s Irene, and Love Gone Awry. His violin lead in Old Man is spectacular.

amy-flynn-chellistAmy Flynn is a classically trained cellist who brought a sense of serenity when she entered the studios. Sheldon hand-picked Amy to play the cello lead in When Loves Goes Awry because he recognized her strong musical talent and knew she possessed the sincerity in her heart to play the lead in this emotionally charged song. It was a wise choice.

matt-messatzziaMatt Messatzzia is a well-known and respected upright bass aficionado in the Philadelphia area. His magic on the bass added significantly to the album’s title song, Old Man. His musical talent, quiet smile, and audacious beard added just the right amount of attitude to the Old Man video.

buy-songsRose – The White Schauzer has been a solid companion to Sheldon during his hours of practice and song-writing. Her favorite spot is inside the Martin 12 string guitar case. He considers her an honorary Loco Lobo member.

All songs are copyrighted to Sheldon Jones
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