Sheldon Jones Songs

Songs on the Old Man Album

Got To Hold On To Your Love

The first song Sheldon wrote. Check out the incredible slide guitar lead by Chris Julian.

Who You Were In High School

Written and performed with a 60’s rock sound in mind. Lindsay Lee’s organ lead brings authenticity to that 60’s claim.

Lead Belly’s Irene (Bar Room Version)

Written as a tribute to Huddie Ledbetter, the song features four vocalists surrounding a single mic singing as if they were in a bar room jam session. It’s a fun version that will make you want to go to the bar for a couple of brews.

Lead Belly’s Irene

Recorded with a beautiful duet by Chris Julian and Sarah Comstock that brings more of a sense of honor to Huddie Leadbetter’s significant contribution to the folk and blues genres.

My Barefoot Shelley

This is a special tribute to my wife, Shelley. She has stood by my side regardless of the circumstances for some 43 years. She is an extremely talented artist who unselfishly put her career on the sidelines to be, as the song states, “the core of our family”.

When Love Goes Awry

A truthful tale of the struggle between a mother and son brought on by mental illness. Enough said about that. Take note of Amy Flynn’s compelling cello lead.

Keepin’ Up With The Joneses

Being a Jones doesn’t mean you are immune from feeling the pressure to “keep up with the Joneses”. This song went through adjustments and renditions before we decided to keep it to one guitar with vocals and a mandolin lead. It is one of my favorites.

Old Man

Those who know Sheldon will readily confirm that the song in an accurate reflection of his life. It features an awesome harmonica and violin lead. There was no question that this would be the title song for the album.

I Can’t Believe

My guess is that very few people get through life without somehow relating to this emotional story. Pay special attention to the lead Chris plays. I told him I wanted it to reflect the devastation and anger someone in this position might feel. He nailed it.